Weekend At Halbert's

S4, E1: Weekend At Halbert's

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Clay is turned to stone and everyone is gloomy. Especially King Halbert. Aaron organizes a party to cheer everyone up. The King wants a reenactment of Clay’s heroic rescue of the Queen. The Knights get a remote control for Clay’s battle suit to “perform” as Clay. Lance quickly gets into the role of the uptight knight of knights. Ava is working on reinstalling Merlok 2.0 into the Fortrex. She is also preparing for a visit from the new Knights’ Academy novices. It is a fieldtrip with Principal Brickland and Sir Griffiths with the goal of teaching the kids about new high-tech battle strategies. It quickly turns into a trip back memory lane for the two. This is an excellent moment for Jestro to cheer up the defeated Monstrox. Unfortunately, for Jestro, Ava is able to make Merlok 2.0 functional, and the Novices defeat Jestro and his monsters using the NEXO Power: Wedgie of Doom. Apparently, this is just what the doctor ordered for Monstrox. A good laugh at someone else’s expense.