20 Farmers Hit Fame: No Business Like Show Business
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They're exactly the kind of Swiss farmers you'd expect around every corner in this country. And now, fame is calling them to travel to China. Will they vote on it, Swiss style of direct democracy? Or simply discuss until all agree? The group might split up otherwise... For over 20 years the citizens of Wiesenberg have cultivated the same rituals. The singing mountaineers meet once a week in the local church to rehearse together and they yodel for weddings and birthdays. Suddenly, their world is turned upside down: their CDs storm the charts and the farmers are bombarded with concert offers. The allure of show business! Now the choir is scheduled to perform in Shanghai. This tempting offer turns into a crucial test. A film about mountain dwellers who try to remain authentic, caught between their traditions and the glamour of show business.
Starring Francine Jordi, Polo Hofer
Director Bernard Weber