26 Seconds
“26 Seconds” is a dramatic documentary that peers behind an evil shadowy curtain of this rampant global plague. It takes audiences from the neon underground in Thailand to the dusty refugee camps of Iraq; from the glitz and glam of Las Vegas to across the border in Tijuana; and from the sunny streets of Southern California to the slums of New Delhi & Phnom Penh; & the rift valleys of East Africa. Through a captivating journey across the world, the “26 Seconds” documentary reveals the ubiquity of the problem and the gravity of the damage sustained by this evil, destructive trade. “26 Seconds”chronicles the efforts of our experts and their teams to rescue victims from captivity. We delve into appalling detail of the ins and outs of the sex trafficking in each country. Who are the major players in perpetuating the sex industry? What are the living conditions of the enslaved child or woman? At whose hands do children face the most abuse? What are the major obstacles that rescue agents face in extricating victims from this bondage? Then pairing dramatic interviews with heartbreaking video footage, we watch as children and women are rescued and reunited with their families as we witness their candid expressions of relief and hope. In raw intimate interviews, the audience gets a shocking glimpse into the lives from children and women in various cultures and regions, which include vivid details of how each victim was captured or lured into the sex trade, the horrors of their captivity, and the commitment of each individual and organization to get them out at whatever cost. We follow the survivors in their attempts to heal and reintegrate back into normal life, with the organizations that collaborate with the government, local communities and the families of those who were rescued to shepherd each survivor through the delicate process of restoration and healing. The organizations that are featured in “26 Seconds” help the survivors through counseling, education, vocational training, and nurturing a spiritual practice. Each survivor, after suffering so much darkness, now feel hope for themselves and their future for the first time. But many countless children and women all around the world are still being trafficked “Every 26 Seconds”.
Starring Tony Kirwan, Jarueh Rachana Sivon
Director Kelly Galindo