3 Day Christmas
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In the playful tradition of Home Alone and Yours, Mine and Ours comes a fun-filled family comedy of errors and rediscovery featuring and directed by Corbin Bernsen. Martin Taylor is suffering the frustrations of a mid-life crisis. He has lost touch with his family - unsure of his teenage daughter's friends, struggling to communicate with his techno wizard son via an electronic sign outside his bedroom door and concerned that his youngest daughter lounges all day in her PJs watching too much church TV. It is time for the family to reconnect and it is up to Martin to bring them all together for one life-changing experiment that will either reunite them all or send them running for cover. Against wife Jackie's better judgement Martin schedules a three day stay-in, where all four members of the family are locked in their own home with no power, no heat, no running water and absolutely no contact with the outside world. What begins as a desperate social experiment of the 'back to basics' kind develops into a madcap exercise of resilience and understanding as the family realise they will have to work together to survive Martin's crazy weekend.
Starring George Newbern, Megyn Price, Taylor Spreitler
Director Corbin Bernsen