7 Days
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When Dr. Bruno Hamels 8-year-old daughter goes missing one school day, he enlists the local police to help him search the neighbourhood. It doesnt take long before they find his daughters body in the nearby woods, bound, raped and murdered. The doctor and his wife are devastated, but the police soon state that theyve located the killer. Theyve DNA-matched the semen of a known pervert. Its an open-and-shut case. Wracked with the loss of his only child, Dr. Hamel sets up a torture chamber in an abandoned cabin, and enlists a couple of thugs to help him get the murderer out of police custody. Over the next week, Hamel methodically tortures his daughters killer, even as the local police slowly close in on Hamels backwoods hiding place.
Starring Rémy Girard, Claude Legault, Martin Dubreuil
Director Daniel Grou