91%: A Film about Guns in America
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In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, a poll revealed that 91% of Americans support comprehensive background checks that could prevent thousands of similar gun violence tragedies nationwide. In this timely documentary, survivors of gun violence tragedies tell their heartbreaking stories of loss, pain, and a heroic search for hope. Throughout these otherwise unrelated shootings, we find a common thread – the gunmen had effortless access to the virtually untraceable, high-powered weaponry used in their attacks. Moving beyond perplexing gun control politics and avoiding any discussion about the often-unpredictable motivations of rampage killers, 91% demonstrates that Americans almost unanimously support both 2nd amendment rights and common sense regulation. The film finds a shared language between citizens on both sides of the issue, encouraging them to move common sense policy forward by speaking up in a conversation typically dominated by firearm lobbyists and manufacturers.
Starring Carolyn Tuft, Colin Goddard, Ed Buckner
Director John Richie