A Fistful of Dynamite
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Sergio Leone directed this vibrant, violent, and sometimes, tongue-in-cheeck adventure set during the turbulence of the Mexican Revolution. Juan Miranda (Rod Steiger) is a Mexican peasant-turned bandit, who meets Irish explosives expert Sean Mallory (James Coburn). Together they plan to rob banks. Sean's pre-dynamiting cry is, "Duck, you sucker!" At the request of a revolutionary, Sean agrees to blast into a bank...but, to Juan's disgust, the "bank" is now a prison. The explosion frees the revolutionaries who were being held within. Sean and Juan are now heroes of the revolution! Government troops are hot on their trail. Juan is captured. At the moment before his execution, he hears a welcome cry -- "Duck, you sucker!" Sean has come to his rescue. Music by Ennio Morricone.
Starring Rod Steiger, James Coburn, Romolo Valli
Director Sergio Leone