A Tale of Two Sisters
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Two sisters, Sumi and Su yeon come back home after recovering their health. Eun joo, the stepmother, welcomes them, but Su mi, the elder sister, intentionally avoids her and Su yeon,the younger sister, shows a smack of fear for her stepmother. On their first night, Su yeon sneaks in Su mi's room confessing there is someone in her room and Su mi sees a ghost of her late mother in the early morning. Strange things begin to happen since then. A ghost haunts the house and stepmother s birds are poisoned to death while Su mi brings belongings of her late mother who hang herself in Su yeon's closet. Assuming Su yeon is behind the in auspicious incidents, the stepmother locks her in the closet. When Su mi learns about the cruel punishment, conflict between the stepmother and two sisters gets bitter than ever. In spite of all these conflicts and air of troubles, Mu hyun, the father, remains unconcerned and wouldn't do anything to sort out problems.One day, Mu hyun goes to town and Su mi finds there is no sign of her younger sister, Su yeon. In an anxiety for Su yeon, Su mi starts to look around for her sister all the length of the house and spots Eun joo dragging a big bag through the dark corridor leaving bloody stains behind her. Su mi follows bloo dy trace of the bag and she confronts with Eun joo on her way of tracking. They starts to fight vehemently pushing down each other, stabbing with a scissor and Su mi falls down struck by Eun joo in the end A while later, Mu hyun comes back to the house and founds Su mi fallen on the floor alone and enraged Mu hyun exclaims that Su yeon was already dead. His exclamation awakes a series of memories and hidden secrets buried deep inside of Su mi...
Starring Soo-jung Im, Moon Geun-young, Kab-su Kim
Director Kim Jee-woon