Abhisapta Prem
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Abhispata Prem' is the tragic love story of Puja and Deep. Deep is the son of late police officer Nilam Dutta who lives with his mother and sister Rinki. He is from a humble background while Puja is the daughter of rich industrialist Roy Choudhury. Puja falls in love with Deep who is an honest man of principles. She proposes to Deep and though Deep is hesitant in the beginning because of their differences in status he accepts her love. When Roy Choudhury finds out about their relationship he tries to separate them. Roy Choudhury detests Deep also because his father had accidentally killed his wife. He tries to defame Deep, insults Deep's mother and sister and then kills them but is unable to separate the lovers. Deep and Puja elope and he sends his goons after them. Puja's sister-in-law somehow manages to change Roy Choudhury's mind and he goes to bring them back. But, it's too late as Deep is killed by a goon and Puja who gets raped by prince commits suicide when Deep is killed. Roy Choudhury also commits suicide as he fails to save his daughter. The cursed love story of Deep and Puja ends tragically.