Agathe Cléry
The ultimate nightmare for a racist ? Becoming as black as the people she abhors. This is exactly what happens to Agathe Cléry: she’s struck down with a rare disorder of the adrenal cortex glands that causes the skin to darken inexorably. One morning Agathe wakes up to find herself pitch black… There’s no way out. Paradoxically, these cruel blows start to make Agathe more of a human being. When she’s taken on by a company who employ anyone... who isn’t white, it’s imperative that her true identity remains a secret. Especially since she’s fallen madly in love with her boss, Quentin. The girl is in a fine mess !
Starring Valérie Lemercier, Anthony Kavanagh, Dominique Lavanant
Director Étienne Chatiliez