All God's Children Can Dance
Available on AMC+, IFC Films, Prime Video, iTunes
ALL GOD’S CHILDREN CAN DANCE is the first U.S. adaptation of a Haruki Murakami short story—testament to the challenges of adapting the writer whose every word holds 1,000 pictures. First-time feature director Robert Logevall and screenwriter Scott Coffey rise to the task, exquisitely capturing Murakami’s essence and tone with a film that is humorous and accessible yet profoundly evocative. The intoxicatingly cool but troubled Kengo meanders through his life with breezy detachment, remaining distant from his girlfriend and his boss. He casually floats along in an arrested state, longing to know the truth about his father, who his lovingly obsessed mother claims is God. Still, nothing ruffles his feathers until he sees a man he thinks could be his father, which sets him off on a cathartic journey to discover the truth. ALL GOD’S CHILDREN CAN DANCE resonates with humanity and shines with magnificent craftsmanship, standing as a transcendent tale against the urban landscape of Los Angeles. From IFC Films.
Starring Jason Lew, Joan Chen, Sonja Kinski
Director Robert Logevall