All I Want
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Elijah Wood stars as 17-year-old Jones, an aspiring writer who shelves plans for college and rents a room in a boarding house, where the quirky tenants teach him a lot more than any classroom ever could. Out to enhance his romantic prospects, he buys a bed from the oversexed Ma Mabley (Deborah Harry), who offers to help him break it in. Before long, he becomes involved with struggling actress Lisa (Mandy Moore). However, it's the enigmatic Jane (Franka Potente), a photographer a few years older than he, who really gets his pulse racing. When Jane has a car accident and her ex-boyfriend shows up on his motorcycle, things get complicated. With the aid of his wacky downstairs neighbor (Aaron Pearl), Jones concocts a scheme that could get him what he wants . . . and a lot more!
Starring Elijah Wood, Franka Potente, Mandy Moore
Director Jeffrey Porter