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Several women - independent, strong-willed, beautiful - fight for their lives in a city of shifting influences. Each struggles to overcome her personal conflicts, against the backdrop of greater political struggles. Women's personal lives and struggles collide with world events in ALLURE. Liliana reluctantly descends into the world of escorting in order to save her child. Jin, a student, tries to find a community she can belong to, while her family pressures her to return home. Marta, an illegal immigrant, works in hotels and restaurants to support her mother. Valerie, a journalist, suddenly faces a fading marriage. Interweaving these stories with the background of the global Occupy movement in 2011 New York, ALLURE is a politically charged, powerful drama about the most personal events in our lives.
Starring Diana Lotus, Madeleine Assas, Aisha De Bankole
Director Vladan Nikolic