Almost Paris
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Max Andrews, a banker at a Lehman Brothers-type firm, is fired. Returning to his hometown of Oyster Bay, Long Island, he moves in with his family: his father, Richard, a retired police officer; his mother, Claire, a French teacher; his sister, Lauren, the household’s main bread winner; his brother-in-law, Stephen, an underemployed carpenter; and his niece, Lily. Max reconnects with his best friend, Mikey-Mike ‘Majors’ Matlack, a failed baseball player, and the high school crush he left behind, Ellie Anderson, a toy store owner. When Mikey-Mike gets Max a job as the local bank’s loan officer, his newfound responsibility is put to the test when he turns down his father’s loan request take Claire to Paris for her birthday. Everyone comes together in a magical ending that will make you feel like it’s Almost Paris.
Starring Wally Marzano-Lesnevich, Michael Sorvino, Adrian Martinez
Director Domenica Cameron-Scorsese