American Hostage
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Terrorists. Kidnapping: A plot gone wrong. American Hostage tells the story of four terrorists coming together to create change within the American government and affect their stance on Guantanamo Bay. With tensions high, emotions between the terrorists collide, which sets the story into a downward spiral. American Hostage unveils the story of Asad, Hamal, Shahin and Fahdah, who have their individual motives for joining the war in terror. Asad, the appointed leader of the group, manages the team with strict and clear direction, taking orders behind the scenes from Al-Saqri whose motives are unclear. Asad shows one weakness, the affection for fellow terrorist Fahdah, a soft-spoken young Arab woman. Asad and Fahdah develop adoration for each other, despite the disapproval from Fahdah’s brother Hamal whose anger from the overall situation escalates throughout the story. Meanwhile Shahin, the fourth terrorist, and prisoner Sergeant Donald Young begin to form a bond as they share stories about family, faith and love. Although the plan of gaining explicit media coverage after leaking the hostage tapes, the U.S. government shows no cooperation in response to the demands on Guantanamo Bay. The terrorists go through extreme measures in attempts to persuade the government one final time.
Starring Charles Martin Garcia, Davina Reid, Leon Salem
Director Mounir Chakor