American Yogi
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American Yogi is a documentary film about love and enlightenment that offers insight into the wisdom traditions of the east. It tells the story of Steven, a young man of the sixties, and his adventures after he encounters Ram Dass, author of Be Here Now. This book about the Indian saint Maharajji (Neem Karoli Baba) influenced an entire generation and transformed the lives of Steve Jobs and Marc Zuckerberg. Inspired by Ram Dass, Steven travels to India, visits the temples that impacted Jobs and Zuckerberg and comes face to face with the miraculous, mind-altering world of ancient India. American Yogi delves into the stories and teachings of Maharajji as told by his students and devotees. It weaves you through the miracles of India and the joys and difficulties of walking the spiritual path in America. This upbeat movie introduces a world music soundtrack by grammy nominees Jai Uttal and Krishna Das, also devotees of Maharajji. It was filmed in India and produced in Asheville, North Carolina. Steven Newmark is the director and Zoe Durga Harber wrote and produced the film.
Starring Steven Newmark, Ram Dass
Director Steven Newmark