Angry, White and American
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The Neo-nazi and Alt-right demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, cost a counter-protestor her life and rocked the Trump Presidency to its foundations. It threw the spotlight onto white Americans, who had delivered majorities for Trump in all age, gender and income groups, and propelled him to the White House. But after centuries of supremacy, white America is feeling the heat. Compared to previous generations White Americans are earning less, living less long, experiencing growing inequality, lower life expectancy and falling social mobility. White anxiety abounds about foreigners and minorities pessimism amongst whites about their economic future is at a 25 year high. So one year after Donald Trump's election, what is wrong with white America and what if anything can fix it? Award-winning journalist, Gary Younge, drives from Maine to Mississippi - the whitest state to the blackest - to find out. Younge, a black Briton who lived in America for over a decade, runs the full gauntlet of white America's hopes and fears, expectations and prejudices. He goes on patrol with first-responders on the front-line of the opioid epidemic and to shuttered factories with unemployed steel workers in the rust belt; he walks the streets with liberal campaigners, discusses the Confederate flag with 'The Liberal Redneck' comedian Trae Crowder and has a combative interview with Richard Spencer, leading figure of the Charlottesville Alt-Right protests and racial provocateur.
Starring Gary Younge
Director Jenny Ash