Ankhiyon Ke Jharokhon Se
Arun and Lily met in classroom for the first time. Arun (Sachin), the only son of a Barrister father, stood second in the exams to Lily Fernandes (Ranjeeta), a shy, simple, modest girl - the daughter of an ordinary nurse in a private nursing home. The shock of the defeat was too much for Arun, and he took up a challenge - even nursed a personal vendetta - to bring down the growing popularity of Lily in the college. Lily, however, bore no malice against him. She even tolerated all the sarcasm and nasty pranks of the close chums of Arun. As time went by, Arun and Lily started admiring each other's qualities. One day, Arun's father walked in to the Fernandes house with a proposal for marriage between Arun and Lily. The happiness of the young lovers knew no bounds. But when everything was nicely set up for a happy ending, suddenly, Lily falls ill. Blood culture test proves the case to be Leukemia. No effort is spared to arrest the disease, and save the poor girl. But will Lily survive?
Starring Sachin, Ranjeeta Kaur, Madan Puri
Director Hiren Nag