Anonymous 616
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When Jason wakes up with a knife in his back and finds his friends murdered, he tries to remember what happened. After racking his brain, Jason recalls last night’s reunion with another couple. The party starts off with some food and a fat joint that inspires a discussion about life. The group also smokes a psychedelic drug (DMT) that transports them into a world of incredibly complex geometric patterns. But Jason has a bad trip and runs to the bathroom to vomit. On his way back to the living room, Jason spots his friend’s computer and starts chatting with an anonymous person online that not only demonstrates to know every secret about him, but also claims that he could have unlimited powers if he’d only follow his heart and feelings. Blinded by the promising vision of becoming God-like, Jason unlocks ever-darkening impulses that lead him to commit unspeakable acts of evil and ultimately drive him to believe that devouring a virgin’s heart will indeed give him everlasting power.
Starring David Abramsky, Daniel Felix De Weldon, Bella Shepard
Director Mike Boss