Another Dawn
Two officers ... One woman ... A volunteer needed for a desperate suicide mission. Errol Flynn stars in an unabashedly romantic adventure as a dashing young pilot in love with his commanding officer's wife. Now, as one of only two men qualified to fly a vital mission, will he live to see Another Dawn? Julia Ashton's (Kay Francis) heart belongs to a pilot who died years ago, but when British Colonel John Wister (Ian Hunter) falls in love with her, she agrees to marriage--even though she does not love him. But when Captain Denny Roark (Errol Flynn) joins Colonel Wister's command, Julia's heart melts and she once again feels love--but not for the man to whom she is married. Now, when a pilot is needed to fly a vital, one-way mission the only two men qualified are Julia's husband and the man she loves.
Starring Kay Francis, Errol Flynn, Ian Hunter
Director William Dieterle