Apache Uprising
Riding along through the post-Civil War Arizona territory, mustanger Jim Walker is jumped by two Apaches. Saved by the veteran scout and old friend, Bill Gibson, the two head for Apache Wells to warn the townspeople who are too busy to listen. They are engaged in running Jean MacKenzie out of town because she is rumored to have caused the death of her wealthy husband ans his former fiancee. At the same time, renegade Vance Buckner is plotting with two gunslingers to rob the Butterfield Stage and kill all witnesses at the first way station. Despite Apache warning, the Butterfield Stage, at the insistence of its district manager, thunder out of town with Jim riding shotgun for driver Charley Russell. Rescueing an injured Chief Antone, they make their way to the station to be met by Buckner. Jim and Charley reveal the identity of their injured pasenger and point out they are more valueable alive than dead. Escaping, Jim is discovered by a young Apache chief and explains the situation. They let Buckner escape to save their prisoners, including Antone. However, they followed and demand Bucker who bears the scar of dishonor for murdering squaws and their children. In return, they grant a truce until sundown, as Jim, Janice and Charley head the Butterfield Stage toward Lordsburg and a new future.
Starring Rory Calhoun, Corinne Calvet, John Russell
Director R. G. Springsteen