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Having been through his own travails in a far-off place, Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) sets out to rescue his sister who is being held captive by a religious cult in APOSTLE. It's 1905, and the island that the cult inhabits holds innumerable dangers, not the least of which is the group's religious leader, Prophet Malcolm (Michael Sheen). Thomas infiltrates the group. Malcolm is holding his sister for ransom and is aware that an imposter is among the newly arrived cult members. He does all within his power to ferret out the identity of the deceiver. Thomas' presence endangers other members of the group as the cult leaders kill and torture with impunity. After he blackmails a young cult member who has his own secrets, the situation worsens. What began as a treacherous task for Thomas becomes something even worse as he discovers deeper, darker secrets on the island.
Starring Dan Stevens, Lucy Boynton, Michael Sheen
Director Gareth Evans