Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 27
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Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends. The Shorts Collection 27 includes 4 amazing episodes: A stroke of luck, Stuck at home, A day of relax, The last tank. A stroke of luck: Swifty and Jade play cards, but she seems terribly bored. Thanks to the shaman Anuk, the game will take an unexpected turn. Stuck at home: Swifty is stuck in the house due to a blizzard. While he waits to be able to get out, he tries everything to entertain himself. A day of relax: The Puffins try to make Swifty and PB relax and fall asleep in order to rob them, but they don't know that the two friends have worked out a plan. The last tank: Swifty and the Puffins run out of gas at the same time and start fighting over the only full tank. Who will get it?
Starring Goat Anuk, Jade, Swifty
Director Giuseppe Squillaci