Arctic Friends: Shorts Collection 7
Enjoy this extraordinary collection of animated short films featuring the lovable characters from Arctic Friends.The Shorts Collection 7 includes 4 amazing episodes: Breakfast at Swifty's, Game over, The loyal puffin, Picture this. Breakfast at Swifty's: Swifty made himself a delicious and rich breakfast, but the Puffins sneak in to ruin the feast. Who will prevail? Game over: Rather than working, Swifty prefers to spend all his time playing videogames. PB finds out and the two friends start a fight, creating a mess. The loyal puffin: After a hard knock on the head, one of Otto's Puffins turns his loyalty to Swifty and starts following him everywhere, wreaking havoc. How will Swifty get rid of him? Picture this: Swifty and PB go in search of the perfect shot. As they do so, they rope in various villagers they meet on the road.
Starring P.B., Puffin, Swifty
Director Giuseppe Squillaci, Franco Bianco