Arizona Bushwhackers
Rebel Lee Travis enlists in the Union Army to patrol the lawless towns of the West. Word reaches Colton, Arizona, that he is to replace Sheriff Grover who has been taking bribes from Tom Rile, saloon owner and town badman. As a secret Confederate spy, Travis is to contract a fellow sympathizer, Jill Wyler. A cache of Confederate arms and ammunition is hidden in a local warehouse, and their job is to get it to a group of Rebel soldiers waiting outside the town. Using the bribe money the sheriff was forced to leave behind, Travis gets into a crap game with Rile, breaks the bank and takes over the saloon. Molly, one of the saloon girls, tells Travis that Rile has been selling arms from the warehouse to renegade Apaches. Meanwhile, Dan Shelby, the the former sheriff's deputy who has lost an arm fighting the Confederates, discovers what Travis and Jill are really doing. He is turning them over to Mayor Smith when Grover rides into town with the news the war is over and the Apaches are on their way in. The small band of citizens defend themselves against the raid, killing Rile, his gunmen, and most of the Apaches. Jill and Shelby are romantically united, and Travis gives Molly the deed to the saloon before riding out of town.
Starring Howard Keel, Yvonne De Carlo, John Ireland
Director Lesley Selander