Ascension: The UFO and Paranormal Connection
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Following on from “Multidimensional” (2021), with one of the most documented ET Contact cases in modern times, Peter Maxwell Slattery (Pete), presents insight into some of his experiences and the UFO/UAP and Paranormal Connection to Ascension. Included are messages for humanity, how they are in control of their destiny, and that humanity is going through an evolutionary leap in consciousness, a process not seen at this level for thousands of years. From the strange and unexplained to mysterious Black Helicopters, much is covered in “Ascension: The UFO and Paranormal Connection,” along with never-before-seen footage, and over 70 photos and videos that Pete has taken in 4 countries. Featuring James Gilliand from the famous ECETI Ranch in the U.S.A, the Psychic Spy John Vivanco (a professional Remote Viewer who has worked for alphabet agencies), and Image Analysis Expert Jason Gleaves from Ufonly (Ex-Royal Air Force and Aerospace).
Starring Peter Maxwell Slattery, James Gilliland, John Vivanco
Director Peter Maxwell Slattery