Asperger's Are Us
In ASPERGER'S ARE US, Noah Britton, Ethan Finlan, "New Michael" Ingemi, and Jack Hanke are about to engage in a movie staple -- they're going to put on a show. They've been doing comedy and improv in the Boston area for some time, but this is to be their finale, the last show before one of their members takes off for an Oxford education. The fact that all four have Asperger's Syndrome, which makes them less socially skilled, less adaptable, and with some striking eccentricities, only makes them more committed to the task at hand. Noah, Ethan, "New Michael," and Jack met at a summer camp while as young teens; Noah is the oldest by several years and functions as mentor as well as pal. They forged a tight friendship then, and it has lasted. Director Alex Lehmann follows them -- individually and as a unit over a period of months, keeping the camera focused on their words, their emotions, and the importance of each to the other. Brief chats with some of the parents, and the support of New Michael's other best friend, complement the activities of the foursome. With the formidable team of Mark and Jay Duplass producing, Lehmann tries very hard to reveal the heart of his subjects by staying as close to them as possible throughout their adventure.
Starring New Michael Ingemi, Noah Britton, Ethan Finlan
Director Alexandre Lehmann