Bad Kids Go To Hell
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A macabre lesson in discipline, debauchery and death, Bad Kids Go To Hell takes on the collective pressures of school life and delivers a dark vision of discontent and desperate survival in the classroom. When six spoilt school kids from Crestview Academy find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon, there is no text book or anything they have learnt in class that will prepare them for the grisly carnage that lie ahead. Venting spleen and mouthing off during their 8-hour incarceration, the group's harsh attitude toward the school and each other suddenly falls into insignificance when a horrible accident takes the life of one of their peers, casting an evil and insidious shadow over the entire proceedings. With cunning nods to Cruel Intentions, The Breakfast Club and I Know What You Did Last Summer, adapted from a graphic novel by Matthew Spradlin, Bad Kids Go To Hell features Judd Nelson, Ali Faulkner, Cameron Deane Stewart, Ben Browder and Augie Duke.
Starring Judd Nelson, Ben Browder, Amanda Alch
Director Matthew Spradlin