Badman's Country
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In a violent place, in a ruthless time, the greatest lawmen of the Wild West face the most notorious outlaws for an epic gunfight in Badman's Country. Sheriff Pat Garrett (George Montgomery) has retired and is on his way to Abilene to marry Lorna Farrell (Karin Booth), but along the way he stumbles across the Hole-in-the-Wall gang, led by Butch Cassidy (Neville Brand) and the Sundance Kid (Russell Johnson). Now, to thwart the gang's plot to rob a fortune being shipped by train, Garrett enlists the help of Buffalo Bill Cody (Malcolm Atterbury), Wyatt Earp (Buster Crabbe) and Bat Masterson (Gregory Walcott).
Starring George Montgomery, Neville Brand, Buster Crabbe
Director Fred F. Sears