Bale Pandiya
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Pandiya is a young man who leads a troubled life. He is continuously being chased by Marudhu (a look-alike of him) and Marudhu's boss Kabali, who would be given a lot of money if they killed Pandiya. While being chased by them once, he gets into a runaway car being driven by an insane young girl (Vasanthi). The car crashes, but the girl is cured from her insanity. Her father allows Pandiya, who is homeless, to stay with them. Parallelly, Pandiya falls for Geetha and her father Amritha Lingam accepts the romance. But Marudhu and Kabali's pursuit for Pandiya still continues, and they successfully toss him into the sea. However Pandiya's elder brother Shankar, a scientist finds out about everything and agrees to help. He pretends to be Pandiya after faking his own death and confronts Marudhu and Kabali, making them shocked to see "Pandiya" alive. Just then, the real Pandiya steps in, revealing that two fisherman saved him from drowning and hell breaks loose. The two brothers battle the criminals and in the process, Kabali accidentally shoots Marudhu dead. Saddened by the death of his friend, he commits suicide. So Pandiya and Geetha are re-united.
Starring Devika, Sivaji Ganesan, M.R. Radha
Director B. Ramakrishnaiah Panthulu