Barack Obama: His Story
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In this program we will look in greater detail at the man himself, where he comes from and what makes him tick. We will examine how his background has given him the tools to understand the workings of a truly multicultural society. We will look at his beliefs and his personal and public politics – his ideas for the future of America and, indeed, the world. We will uncover his views on current global hot topics such as race, sexuality, foreign policy and the separation between church and state. We will cover his relationships with other movers and shakers in Washington’s corridors of power and how popular culture figures as influential as Oprah Winfrey have anointed him as their future leader. “I do believe he is the one,” says Winfrey. Is she right? Can he go all the way? In November 2008 will the US see a black face in the Oval Office? Not just Morgan Freeman in another movie, but the real thing at last?
Starring Barack Obama, John Stranton
Director Andrew Thomson