Beaver Trilogy: Part IV
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Trent Harris is the director of offbeat comedies such as “Rubin & Ed” and “Plan 10 from Outer Space”, but he is best known for his highly acclaimed underground film “Beaver Trilogy”. In a parking lot in 1979, then-amateur filmmaker Trent Harris would meet an energetic young performer from Beaver, Utah; the chance meeting would change their lives forever. Over the subsequent decades the encounter would be retold in a series of fictional remakes that would culminate in the 2001 Sundance Film Festival entry “Beaver Trilogy” - but the film itself is only part of the story. “Beaver Trilogy Part IV” explores Trent Harris' eclectic career; and discovers the untold story of the original Beaver Kid. The overlapping narrative examines the ripple effect of both men's Hollywood dreams and the blurred lines between reality and remake.
Starring Bill Hader, Trent Harris
Director Brad Besser