Behold a Pale Horse
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Manuel has been on the run for 15 years and now it seems his time is up. Gregory Peck stars as Manuel, a guerilla leader who has been sought by a cruel police captain named Viñolas (Anthony Quinn) for fifteen years but has always managed to elude him. Upon learning that his mother is dying, Manuel is forced into the open, where Viñolas awaits. Manuel must reach the town of San Martin where he'll be given a map by the 11-year-old Paco (Marietto Angeletti) who hopes that Manuel will avenge his father's death by killing Viñolas. Manuel hears that his mother has died, but makes the arduous journey nonetheless, only to be betrayed by an informer who tells Viñolas of Manuel's plans. Reaching San Martin, Manuel has the opportunity to kill either the informer or Viñolas. Whom will he choose?
Starring Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, Omar Sharif
Director Fred Zinnemann