Best Mom
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Like most moms, Addy (Meg Weidner) struggles with being the disciplinarian parent when her daughter Esther (Violet Hicks) just wants a life of play. Addy turns to her husband, Jason (Jilon Vanover) for comfort and guidance. The problem is that Jason isn’t just a superhero dad to Esther, he actually plays a superhero on TV. Jason tells Addy that all his success in life can be attributed to the lessons he learned in an Improv class: listening and playing. Jason warns Addy, a travel writer who lives mostly in her head trying to work through the red ink of her mom and boss (Donna Mills), that Improv is not safe for her. It’s unscripted, unedited, unfiltered and basically everything Addy is not. What Jason fails to mention is that the class Addy signs up for is taught by his ex-girlfriend (Krista Allen). As Addy’s journey in Improv progresses, she finds that both motherhood and Improv are failure based art forms.
Starring Meg Weidner, Donna Mills, Jeremy John Wells
Director Kuang Lee