Better Things
Available on AMC+, IFC Films, Prime Video, Sling TV
Gail’s agoraphobia keeps her inside, where she escapes into romance novels. She shares a house with her Nan, just back from hospital. Gradually, they reach out to each other to break the isolation. Rob plunges further into addiction, numbing his heartbreak over his girlfriend’s death. In his stupor he dreams of embracing her again. The Gladwins’ 60-year relationship has changed. Years of resentment have built a barrier that Mrs. Gladwin tries to erode in little gestures. Writer-director Duane Hopkins adds his exciting new voice to British cinema. His feature debut BETTER THINGS was a world premiere at Cannes’ prestigious Critics’ Week and went on to earn Hopkins the FIPRESCI Prize at the Stockholm Film Festival and praise at Toronto, Athens and Helsinki. “BETTER THINGS…has a bold and brilliant insight at its heart: the alienated young are like the very old…Hopkins’ characters live barricaded lives…still living with memories as fresh as peeled wounds” – Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN. From IFC Films.
Starring Tara Ballard, Betty Bench, Frank Bench
Director Duane Hopkins