Beyond the Sphere of Reasonable Doubt
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Beyond The Sphere Of Reasonable Doubt is a spoof comedy of a 21st century TV show that is alleged to be extremely popular but no one is actually watching and when in fact the show is all about the presenter, where and when his ego is set to explode. The TV show consists of three candidates taking part in a TV show, a game of spirit ism. The game goes too far and takes over the TV show as the candidates are being transported into a different dimension. Each candidate must introduce the person they want to get in touch with in the "afterlife". Reverend Piccard, the TV show host is getting in touch with the "after life" and communicates with the candidates the results and in turn they react accordingly and are travelling to the "afterlife", reaching out to the far recesses of oneself and the universe. The audience and the contestants all believe that they are being transported into a different world and the smoke generated for the trip to the "afterlife" threatens to asphyxiate everyone in the TV show. Three candidates have been selected to take part in the TV show and due to the intensive smoke it is very hard to see them. As the show is unfolding they are following the instructions provided by the game show host and where to navigate into and inside this new world. The game show host, like the head of a religious procession has the ultimate power over everything and everyone but he is also a game show host and he believes that the show is only about himself. At the end, blended within a powerful fireworks display, the game show host succeeded in his conquest to annihilate his audience and becomes untouchable, free to communicate whatever he wishes to intoxicate the world with.
Starring Old-Nick, Alex Hall, Vincent X. Hall
Director Nick Peterson