Bill Engvall: 15° Off Cool
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Bill Engvall is just one of the guys...and one of America's top-selling comedians. He has sold more than two million comedy albums and was part of the hugely successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which generated three hit movies, multi-platinum-selling soundtracks, DVDs, and a television show. Bill is the host of CMT's Country Fried Home Videos and the author of Just A Guy: Notes From A Blue Collar Life. He also stars in the feature film Delta Farce. 15° Off Cool was recorded live at the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX and features all-new material. He may be 15° Off Cool, but he's still hilarious. So kick back and enjoy an evening with Bill Engvall.
Starring Bill Engvall, Bill Engvall
Director C.B. Harding