Black Fox: Good Men and Bad
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The third in a series of three movies that tell the story of two “blood” brothers, Alan and Britt Johnson--one a former plantation owner, the other his childhood friend whom he freed from slavery. With their families, they leave Carolina to settle in Texas in the 1860’s. Britt is attacked by a group of bigots, led by Carl Glenn whom he ably defeats. Angry at being bested by a black man, Glenn seeks revenge and that night visits the Johnson homestead. After Alan goes outside to investigate a noise, his wife, Sarah, hearing the sound of a gunshot, grabs a pistol, opens the door of their cabin and calls out to her husband. Glenn, seeing only the glint of her weapon, fires and, in a terrible instant, Sarah is dead. As a result, Alan descends into a state of alcoholic despair. Later, with grim resolution, he decides to trail Glenn and avenge Sarah’s death. Meanwhile, Britt becomes a U.S. Marshall and leaves his family to find Alan, an odyssey that leads both men into the untamed Kansas plains and, to a battle in which justice will ultimately prevail.
Starring Christopher Reeve, Tony Todd, Kim Coates
Director Steven Hilliard Stern