Life goes on for handsome 19-year-old Stony de Coco of The Bronx. Girls and dancing in the evening. A union job with good pay in the day. But what Stony (Richard Gere) doesn't know is where his life is going. Robert Mulligan (To Kill a Mockingbird) directs a tough yet tender slice-of-life rich in great characters, deep feelings and performances crystallizing the love/hate duality of family life. Stony loves his younger brother (Michael Hershewe), but can't stop his unbalanced mother (Lelia Goldoni) from terrorizing the boy into illness. He's started to explore life's possibilities, but hasn't the heart to reject the career his aggressive father (Tony Lo Bianco) wants for him. Paul Sorvino plays an uncle who loves Stony like a son. And Marilu Henner is an understanding pal encouraging Stony to take a stand. Once he does, Stony's triumph is ours.
Starring Richard Gere, Paul Sorvino, Tony Lo Bianco
Director Robert Mulligan