Bomb It!
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Bomb It is a wild ride into the heart of the global graffiti culture where the love of art and ego clashes explosively with law and order. On top of a fresh soundtrack of punk, hip-hop and funk, this high-octane film explores the many manifestations of “bombing.” Through grainy night vision footage and raw interviews, the punks, ghetto Picassos, taggers, misfits, and political dissidents demonstrate in no uncertain terms why they risk arrest and injury to express themselves and reflect their society with spraypaint and marker. The rough-and-tumble cast of Bomb It hails from New York and Tokyo, Berlin and Barcelona, Capetown, and Sao Paulo, with each city boasting its own unique style and form of grafitti. From the pioneers of bombing who painted living museums on trains as they rolled between the Bronx and Brooklyn in New York to the underground artist who seeks the sublime painting in blue deep in the bowels of Sao Paulo’s sewers, the artists in Bomb It are fascinating studies in the power of art to disturb, protest, and enlighten.
Starring Cornbread, T-Kid, Stay High
Director Jon Reiss