Born to Be Wild
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Here, there and everywhere else she wants to be is Katie, a hilariously playful three-year-old gorilla who knows how to communicate using sign language. But what makes her more special to 14-year-old Rick (Wil Horneff) is that she's his friend. So when Katie is reclaimed by her former owner (Peter Boyle) and penned up as a flea market attraction, Rick unlocks the cage and hits the road with his 400-pound pal! Pursued from California to Canada, the two share narrow escapes and wide-open excitement. Through it all, Katie - whether she's spraying Rick with soda or scarfing down burgers - is having big fun on the run! After all, adventure comes naturally when you're Born to Be Wild.
Starring Will Horneff, Jean Marie Barnwell, Helen Shaver
Director John Gray