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"Box:Metaphor" unfolds as an enthralling and thought-provoking dystopian science fiction thriller that immerses us into the profound consequences of societal constructs and the burdens of ingrained social preconceptions. In a world where conformity has reached unprecedented extremes, we embark on the harrowing journey of Prisoner 371113, a woman unjustly convicted of a crime she did not commit. Alongside fellow prisoners, she endures a seven-year sentence in a desolate iron Box, far removed from the city's confines.The narrative unveils itself within a stark and surreal dystopian society where individuality is systematically suppressed. Conformity is rigorously enforced through the dehumanising systems within the Box. The population is starkly divided into two unyielding categories, Prisoners and Citizens. Any deviation from these established norms exacts severe consequences. Prisoner 371113, portrayed with unwavering strength by the formidable Kasia Stelmach, is relegated to the confines of a cramped, claustrophobic box. This confinement serves as a powerful symbol of the stifling constraints imposed by this oppressive society. Through a minuscule aperture in her cell, she catches glimpses of a grim, meticulously regulated world where every aspect of life is measured, controlled, and meticulously labeled. Within her restrictive confines, she not only battles for survival but also confronts the societal constraints that unjustly bind her. Prisoner 371113 evolves into an emblem of resistance. Her struggle for survival not only challenges the oppressive system but also compels those in positions of authority to reevaluate their preconceptions and the injustices they have perpetuated. "Box Metaphor" serves as an allegorical exploration of societal constructs and the limitations imposed by entrenched social preconceptions. It invites the audience to ponder the repercussions of conformity and the perils of unswerving obedience to authority. Through Prisoner 371113's quest for freedom, the film symbolises the indomitable human spirit and the universal aspiration to break free from the metaphorical boxes that society imposes upon us.This mesmerising and visually captivating film plunges deep into the human psyche, emphasising the vital significance of questioning the systems that confine us. It underscores the potency of individual agency in transcending the metaphorical boxes that circumscribe our lives. "Box Metaphor" is an evocative and visually arresting cinematic experience, leaving audiences in contemplation of the genuine essence of freedom and the extraordinary lengths one must traverse to liberate themselves from the strictures of societal prejudice and preconceptions.
Starring Kasia Stelmach, Lorry D'Ercole, Kevin Khachan
Director Kevin Khachan