Brain Dead Heart Attack: A Think Thank Production
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After ten years of progression through creativity; Think Thank is "BRAIN DEAD and Having a HEART ATTACK!". In "Brain Dead Heart Attack" Think Thank upholds its reputation in delivering snowboarding's most unique and creative talent while introducing up and coming riders, new music and unexpected tricks. Ten years has led up to this; Think Thank's most mind numbing, heart stopping freestyle snowboard video ever. Thanks brains! Starring the hearts and minds of: Jaeger Bailey, Chris Beresford, Brandon Hammid, Jesse Burtner, Nial Romanek, Nick Visconti, Curtis Woodman, Sammy Luebke, Brendon Hupp, Mitch Richmond, Ted Borland, Brandon Reis, Desiree Melancon, Sean Black, Kyle Lopiccolo, Ted Lavoie, Sam Hulbert. With guest appearances by: Sean Genovese, Mark Landvik, Johnny Miller, Scott Stevens, Gus Engle, Chris Rasman, Danyale Patterson, Freddy Perry, Ben Bogart, Garrett Swenson, Chris Larson, Masaki Kitae, Garrett Warnick, Ryan Paul, Austen Granger and Jason Robinson.
Starring Jaeger Bailey, Chris Beresford, Brandon Hammid
Director Jesse Burtner