Braja Buli
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Brajaraj Karforma is a veteran office clerk, who usually came to office very late and likes to chat with every one. The main subject of his stories is his fictional heroic activities. At first he tries to knockout a freestyle wrestler with simple Bengali style. The entire audience actually tries to inform him that this is a dangerous game. But Brajanath never listens to anybody, so decides to fight that guy and won. Then when some young chaps in his neighbourhood told him to arrange some tickets for a test match he then conveys them his heroics about cricket. Once he strokes the ball in such a huge force that the ball cut into two pieces. One part was lost and the other part of the ball was caught by the fielder. Everybody is so fascinated about his heroics that nobody questions it and no body questions him about the decision of the umpire. Again in the office he says to the other colleagues that he is a very close friend of Charlie Chaplin and presents an idea about his filming experiences. Suddenly his boss came and charged him for not doing the work. It is basically a story which actually narrates about the stories and lifestyles of Brajanath.