Bread and Butter
Available on Philo
Bread and Butter is an upbeat comedy about looking for love, thinking of romance, and finding yourself. with the help of her eccentric boss, her overbearing parents, and her best friend—her luck seems to be running out. With her nose buried in a book, she finds romance in a stranger who has left notes in the margins and soon finds herself entranced with this man. Charming, funny, and unique, Bread and Butter bills itself as the “anti-romantic comedy” as we watch Amelia navigate the book guy (Leonard) and Daniel (the delightful Bobby Moynihan of SNL) in a love triangle pitting both sides of Amelia’s romantic notions against each other. Will she choose the brooding Leonard or the affable Daniel? Will she ever find someone to butter her bread?
Starring Christine Weatherup, Micah Hauptman, Bobby Moynihan
Director Liz Manashil