Breakfast With Scot
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The relationship between two career-minded men is put to the test by the surprise arrival of a unique child in the adaptation of Michael Downings best-selling novel, Breakfast With Scot. Eric, a former hockey star, now a closeted sports announcer, is initially freaked out when his partner Sam ends up with custody of 11-year old Scot. It turns out Scot isnt your average child - seemingly gayer than not only Eric and Sam, but perhaps even Liberace, he poses a very distinct challenge to the otherwise reserved homo household! Recognising all the high and lows that come with being a parent, whilst also re-affirming that true love really does transcend all sexuality, Breakfast With Scot is a crowd-pleasing winner!
Starring Tom Cavanagh, Ben Shenkman, Noah Bernett
Director Laurie Lynd