Bugs: A Trilogy
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In Hatchling, Elliot is a little gentleman. Smart, obedient, quiet. It should not be difficult for Diane to take care of him while his mother is recuperating. But Elliot has a knack for making Diane’s job difficult. He does not want to get ready for bed. He has creative ideas about the purpose of Raid. And he thinks a knife is an appropriate to tool to pack for a sleepover. In Parasite, Hannah is sick. Her doctor won’t listen to her concerns. Her mother won’t call her back. There is something terribly wrong happening inside her. As the symptoms continue to worsen, Hannah begins to wonder if all these treatments designed to cure her might in fact be the cause. In Bed Bugs, Elena is being terrorized at nights. Little bites appear on her skin from bugs she cannot find. Her roommate does not have time to deal with this problem. Her mother refuses to believe that the problem even exists. And even if there are bed bugs, they are just bugs. So why is Elena getting so upset?
Starring Alexandra Grunberg, Marissa Carpio, Kobi Frumer
Director Simone Kisiel