Caillou's Holiday Movie
Available on Pluto TV, Tubi TV
It's winter time at Caillou's house and the inquisitive 4-year-old greets the season with his usual curiosity and enthusiasm. Making home-made holiday gifts for his family, learning how other little boys and girls around the world celebrate the season and shovelling snow with Daddy, are only a few of the magical moments Caillou will share with your little ones. The family fun, adventure and learning are non-stop and all come together when Caillou learns the true meaning of the holidays. Caillou's Holiday Movie is filled with love, culture, wisdom and learning. This delightful story as seen through a small child's eyes will entertain your entire family. Kids love Caillou for his real-world perspective on life. Parents love Caillou for being a friend to their children! Snuggle up with your kids for this heart-warming adventure in Caillou's winter wonderland.
Starring Annie Bovaird, Jennifer Seguin
Director Nick Rijgersberg