Cain at Abel
Doña Pina (Mona Liza) is a despotic mother who favors her younger son Ellis (Christopher De Leon) over her other son Lorenz (Phillip Salvador), consequently promoting sibling rivalry between the brothers. Doña Pina lets Ellis study in Manila while she makes Lorenz work their farm. She loves Ellis’ bastard son with their maid while she is stern with Lorenz’s children. With a desire to have the farm, Ellis comes home with Cita (Carmi Martin), the woman he plans to marry. Asked to give way, Lorenz leaves with his family and stays with friends. But Lorenz’s indignant wife Becky (Baby Delgado) confronts her mother-in-law about the unfairness and the ensuing struggle leads to her miscarriage and death. Urged by friends, the tension between brothers Ellis and Lorenz grows into an armed conflict.
Starring Christopher De Leon, Phillip Salvador, Carmi Martin
Director Lino Brocka