Caro Diario
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Caro Diario ("Dear Diary" in English) is a charming, semi-autobiographical, documentary style film from director Nanni Moretti. Broken into three intertwining sections, Moretti takes his audience on a lush discovery of people, places, and matters of the heart. In "On My Vespa" Moretti travels through the streets of Rome, as critiques of American and Italian cinema dance in his head. In "Islands" Moretti, joined by his friend Gerardo, enjoys the island of Salina and discovers the joy of television. In "Doctor" Moretti confronts his frustration with the medical community, yet emerges (with his audience) on the other side a changed man.
Starring Nanni Moretti, Renato Carpentieri, Antonio Neiwiller
Director Nanni Moretti